Evénements à venir

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Your day of your own event strategy, you wish to put on the African garment or suspended in Nigerian sauce. But, that you don’t learn how to exercise. You may have run into the article that is right we are going to assist you to with pleasures. To start with, the term Gele comes from the Yoruba folks in Nigeria. So he is inspired by western Africa. It really is an extremely extended African ladies don as being a decoration to their minds. The tones, the textile (aso, sego, headtie or rest) create desired and sublime marvelously the good thing about the girl whom exercise it. Gele makes it possible for your to determine the status that is social of people through just how he are tied up.

  • They love to clothe themselves in conventional clothes
  • They decorate their head of hair with an impressive freeze. Continuer la lecture